'One-Call' is an exiting new concept, an all inclusive service that can be customised to suit every exhibiting requirement, assisting you, the exhibitor to create a cost effective and successful exhibition or event.

Forget long hours on the phone looking for a range of suppliers to handle all your exhibition needs,’ One-Call’ to The Iguana Group is all that is required to meet your every need.

By working together, we believe we can listen, assist, guide, understand and mutually produce a successful event or exhibition.

Our services include:

  • Creative and innovative 3 dimensional design solutions
  • Global project management
  • Manufacture, installation and dismantle worldwide
  • Spatial planning and advice
  • Graphic, origination, artwork and production both in print and 3D
  • Staff training
  • AV, production, origination, supply and app design
  • Pre and post show marketing
  • Hotel booking, delegate movement and dinners

The Iguana Group’s strength is in international exhibitions and events, from designing an original, creative stand design, through to a complete event concept, planning and project management.
We can also develop innovative, bespoke, modular stands and systems displaying sustainable and energy-saving design elements, cutting-edge graphics, sleek aesthetics and quality manufacture. 
Our experienced project managers will guide customers through every stage of their event, including venue search and booking, catering, furnishing, lighting and consumables, to deliver successful formulas for road shows, conferences, product launches, awards ceremonies and many more.

The Iguana Group, in association with our partners, has the expertise to produce sustainable exhibition programs and environmentally friendly exhibition stands.

Our sustainable stands are environmentally, economically and socially friendly and are at all times creative and progressive. Our stands are sustainable because of:.

  • The asset value, customer, investor and stakeholder perception
  • The improved energy management
  • The customer and staff on the stands have occupier engagement and wellbeing.

The stands aim to reduce:

Operating costs
Resource savings (materials and energy)
Within sustainable exhibition design , the following categories of will always be considered in the design process, the equipment used to create the design, the materials used to form the design and the performance measures during the entire process:

  • Energy and C02 emissions
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Pollution
  • Wellbeing
  • Transport
  • Other

For example, when choosing any light fitting, we would always consider the energy used, C02 emissions, how it is manufactured and from where and of course, it’s visual appearance.

As well as these considerations, we can also offer, in association with our partners, the opportunity to receive a SKA rating which is accredited following the installation of the exhibition program.

A SKA rating is a standard method for environmental impact assessment and certification. Or more simply, ‘the flexible assessment method for green designed and manufactured projects’

With our long term customer, ‘Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ we have recently launched a new sustainable exhibition program aiming and achieving the Silver SKA rating.

‘Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ sustainable exhibition program

In 2012, Starwood in association with The Iguana Group and Grigoriou Interiors launched the very first accredited environmentally friendly exhibition stand at ITB 2012 in Berlin, in support of its company-wide commitment to sustainability.

The sustainable booth was designed and manufactured partly re-using elements of the existing previously used stand and partly with new build, implementing low-energy and LED lighting and using recycled and recyclable (or environmentally friendly) materials such as FSC timber, rubber flooring and certified material finishes.

The Iguana Group with our customer, are continually measuring and monitoring the environmental impact of the manufacture as well as the operation of the stand at all shows within their European programme, including waste recycling, levels of CO2 emissions as well as and the energy and water consumption, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the Starwood Exhibition Programme over a twelve month show cycle.

General Information:

  • The stand has been designed in a bespoke modular format, to be used at all shows within Starwood’s yearly exhibition programme, and to reduce the ongoing environmental impact.
  • A central measuring system is being implemented to capture and record all the meter readings and consumption data for analysis, to assist with future use and reduction decision making.
  • The stand has been designed with its ‘end of life’ in mind.


  • All light fittings use LED lamps for higher energy efficiency and longer lifecycles.
  • Different working spaces have been separately controlled to reduce the amount of energy used while the stand is not in full operation.
  • Energy meters have been installed to provide consumption data to inform and guide the decision making for future operational reductions.
  • Energy consumption during fabrication and installation has been recorded.


  • Material and stand transport mileage is recorded to inform and guide the decision making for future operational reductions


  • Design workshops have resulted in creative solutions to divert many of the previous stand items from landfill and instead create an alternative usage in the new stand .
  • Recycling stations have been provided both front and back of house separating recycled/recyclable, food and landfill items.
  • Previous stand waste and current construction waste is being recorded and measured with the aim to divert it from landfill.


  • Within the new stand, a water bottling facility has replaced water bottle deliveries reducing both material use & waste and transport emissions.
  • New water efficient taps have been installed in the kitchens
  • Water meters have been installed to provide consumption data to inform and guide the decision making for future operational reductions.


  • All timber products are certified under the FSC or PEFC schemes.
  • All floors are environmentally certified or natural and recyclable.
  • All paints are VOC free products.
  • The majority of doors and glass screens have been refurbished and recycled from previous stand.
  • All existing tables and chairs have been refurbished and recovered in sustainable fabrics.
  • New furniture has been procured with environmentally friendly specifications.
  • Various features or details have been created by reclaiming materials from the previous stand.
  • The front of both the Reception desk and Lounge Bar are decorated using reclaimed fire hoses to create what we call a ‘tailored rubber’ look.
  • All graphics are applied with a recyclable and non-pvc material.


  • A Re-Charge station for both Body and Tools (mobile/laptop equipment) is provided at a central location for both staff and visitor comfort.
  • Meeting room ceilings have been created with apertures to assist passive air movement that promotes comfort to users.
  • Lighting is designed to be indirect and avoid sharp intense spots traditional in trade shows.
  • Planting has been provided for passive air filtering.
  • CO2 sensors are installed to measure levels and provide consumption data to assist with future design solutions.
  • The central measuring system allows for future enhancements e.g. to add VOC sensors (measuring the quality of air).

T3 Modular Display System

T3 Modular Display System is the world’s most innovative, easy to build and dismantle, compact and flexible display system. The T3 range has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of environments and can be used for exhibition stands, conferences, sets, bars and counters, portable kitchen displays, light boxes, photo booths and much more.

T3’s simple, patented ‘twist and lock’ action allows the user to build and dismantle displays without using tools. Add this to it lightweight and compact framework means some displays can be carried in a single carry bag.

The real success behind the T3 modular display system is its versatility, and the ability to be reconfigured to meet your specific requirements.

For more information about the T3 system, click here or contact The Iguana Group.

The Iguana Group can incorporate state-of-the-art specialist audio and visual multimedia within an event or exhibition space, individually tailored to create a stimulating and engaging visitor environment. LED lighting effects and creative display screens, eye-catching backdrops, interactive touch-screen technology, large-scale plasma screens and digital imaging equipment, along with an extensive suite of demonstration aids and sound systems, can contribute to a unique and versatile experience.

Built-in technology can monitor energy consumption of an exhibition unit, relaying downloaded data on electric and water consumption, CO2 levels, as well as atmospheric readings to a specially designed and individually branded website. Programmes can monitor visitor footfall and diagnostic reports will pinpoint energy usage of discrete areas and elements, for review and analysis.

Our specialist marketing partners offer the full breadth of targeted, integrated marketing and communications support, including pre and post event actions, to optimise the success and business generation from your event. Services encompass devising and implementing strategic marketing and advertising which deliver measurable results, creative campaigns, PR activity, website development, corporate literature and post-show analysis.

An interactive, photorealistic virtual exhibition experience, created and managed through Ig Virtual can also bring the event to the attention of a wider audience and provide an extended visitor interface.

The Iguana Group can transform commercial spaces, designing stylish and distinctive contemporary interiors. The comprehensive service includes initial consultation through to manufacture and installation for chalets and suites, receptions, boardrooms, showrooms, offices, hair and beauty salons or bespoke POS displays. Innovative designs embrace sophisticated technology to marry sleek aesthetics with optimum functionality.